Single Channel & Dual Channel

Windows based Single / Dual Channel Software-Hardware Charomatography Data processor systems.
Single Channel & Dual Channel
Data Processor System -Single Channel & Dual Channels
Data Processor System Interface
  • Data acquisition of all chromatographs for up to 2 Nos.
  • Multi channel and Multi-Tasking
  • On-line HELP system
  • Use spread-sheet type table for user keyboard input
  • 3D compare or 2D overlay view
  • Zoom in and zoom out on specific data point at any time with mouse
  • Show baseline, retention times, peak start/end, peak top, axis labels
  • Show peak names to verify proper peak identification

GLP Compliant with GUI facility software (Hardware For The Software)

  • 24 Bit A/D Converter at all sampling rates
  • Dynamic range is > 10e6
  • Analog signal Range is from ± 1.25 VDC
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