GC 2011

2011 GC – Integrated Micro Controller Based Gas Chromatograph Systems

This is a high performance Gas Chromatography system, very much suitable for research and quality control for a broad range of industrial and special applications.


2011 GC – Gas Chromatograph System

2011 GC, Liquid Gas Chromatograph System, Gas Chromaography Instrument
2011 GC, Liquid Gas Chromatograph System, Gas Chromaography Instrument 1

Innovative & Advanced Features

  • Microprocessor controlled temperature programming.
  • Completely integrated system ideal for high temperature and high sensitivity applications.
  • Temperature range up to 500°C with ±0.1°C control.
  • Isothermal as well as Programmable modes with 31 programs and 126 segment programs.
  • Auto cooling with forced air convection through Micro controller with user definable set points.
  • User definable alarm set points for individual heated zones.
  • Choice of detectors – FID, TCD, Dual FID, Dual TCD, TCD and FID, ECD, NPD, PDHID & Micro TCD.
  • Choice of Inlet Systems – Packed, Capillary, PTV, Methanizer, GSV etc.
  • Choice of control pneumatics DFC, AFC, EPC, EPP with 3 stage Flow Control.
  • RS 232 C / RS 485 control plus trending also possible for the heated zones.
  • A sturdy system with exceptional mechanical stability and compact design ideal for industrial and research application.

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