Laboratory Version

Lab Version On-Line Gas Chromatograph

  • Micro controller based system with choice of operating controls.
  • Can be built using GC Dhruva or GC 2011 as main frame.
  • Can be configured for single stream or multi stream operation with Heart Cut, Column Switching, Back Flushing, Fore Flushing etc., operations, i.e. basically a multi dimensional analytical setup.
  • All the features of an advanced GC system for On-Line applications at a very affordable price.
  • Can be configured with TCD, FID , DID, PDHID ,ECD or multiple detectors in series or parallel.
  • Remote indication of results on Process indicators up to 900 meters away.
  • Choice of RS 232C/RS 485/Ethernet control.

Lab Version Online Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatography Instrument - Gas Chromatograph - Lab Version 1
  • Manufacturers of  UHP Gases
  • Certification for Gas Purity
  • Air Gases, Doping Gases, Chemical Gases
  • Environmental applications
  • Research applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Coolant Gases for Nuclear Industry
  • Reaction studies

Other specifications similar to the base model selected for the application.

For detailed specification please e-mail us