Other Products

Hydrogen Storage Systems

Hydrogen Storage System Explosion proof hydrogen safe storage systems based on rare earth alloys storing hydrogen as metal hydride can be used for varied applications like instrumentation carrier, fuel besides portable gas sources and storage systems for varied applications.

Process and Temperature Controller

Process Temperature Controller Ideal for normal as well as glove box applications. Precise and repeatable analysis results for Oxygen and Nitrogen in metals, alloys, inorganic and fuels.

Total Organic Carbon Analyser

The Total Organic Carbon Analyzer is being manufactured by us in INDIA for the past 12 years.


Isocratic HPLC System The analyzer body is designed of module integration idea. Power supply system composes twin modules which are dust-preventive, simple and reliable; connection cables use flat wire connectors instead of old slot mode which can upgrades whole circuit reliability.

HPLC Column Oven

HPLC COlumn Oven Highly advanced & reliable HPLC column oven with proprietary heating technique is available from us. Theses systems provide an accuracy of ± 0.1°C and minimal gradient as a powerful blower is used for air circulation inside…