TOGA / On-Line DGA


Online Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Online Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) The MGA2000-6 is a new generation of On-line DGA equipment giving essential insight into the condition of transformers. Two Gas, Four Gas, Six Gas and Eight Gas models are available.

Head Space TOGA Analyzer

Transformer Oil Gas Analyzer Single injection transformer oil gas analyzer (TOGA) based on ASTM-D-3612 and latest CORE specifications with choice of two injection systems also.

2c / 3c / 4c Dissolved Gas Analyzer DGA system

3C / 4C  Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) Economical micro processor based two injection, three injection and four injection dissolved gas analyzer (DGA) system as per IS-10593 and IS-9434.

Micro DGA Analyzer

Micro DGA Analyzer Dissolved Gas Analysis of transformer oil is done to detect the incipient fault in the Power Transformers in power stations or electric Locos to arrest deterioration/damage to the transformer by analyzing gases dissolved in the transformer oil.

Laboratory TOGA – DGA Analyzer

3C / 4C  Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) Multi column system with automatic gas sampling valve from VICI Valco for column switching, detector switching as well as trap and purge events.

Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer

3C / 4C  Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) The PAS-PDGA- Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer represents a new generation of test equipment for analysis the dissolved gas in oil.

Online Particle Discharge Gas Analyzer

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