P – Micro DGA Analyzer

2C - 3C - 4C Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) System 1
2C - 3C - 4C Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) System 1

This equipment can be used to detect the incipient fault in the transformer  and  arrest deterioration/damage to the transformer insulation by analyzing gases dissolved in the transformer oil and adopt preventive measures.

The P Micro DGA/TOGA is capable to detect PPM & Sub PPM gases in transformer oil and can b configured for analysis as per


IEC 60567 Section 7.3 or Section 7.5 Manual Variant

ASTM D 3612 Section A or Section C Manual Variant

The P-Micro is a microprocessor based system with no moving parts specially designed for mobile labs & easy portability. The system utilizes specialized heating techniques for the column and methanizer achieving precsion using PID control action.

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