Laboratory TOGA – DGA Analyzer

Analyzers for Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Transformer Oil

- Single Injection DGA System – TOGA

- Single / Dual injection transformer oil gas analyzers as per IS 10593 / ASTM D 3612 / IEC 60567


                               Transformer Oil Gas Analyzer - Dissolved Gas Analyzer (TOGA - DGA) 1
Innovative & Advanced Features
  • A fully micro controller GC configured for single injection analysis of transformer oil gas analysis.
  • Totally automated system with FID, TCD and Methanizer controlled through auto timer of GC.
  • Multi column system with automatic gas sampling valve from VICI Valco for column switching, detector switching as well as trap and purge events.
  • Choice for PC control using RS 485 protocol.
  • Can be built using GC Dhruva or GC 2011 or GC 2010 as base module with all features of GC Dhruva, GC 2011 or GC 2010 as standard depending upon the mainframe selected.
  • Various models of TOGA are available as per the budget requirements. variations include single injection, dual injection, single injection with imported valve, single injection with Indian valve, single injection with dual channel DAS system…

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